What If…

How much would your day change if you made one little adjustment? It's easy to get busy with life, so easy in fact that we forget the people we're meeting and interacting with are living separate lives. Lives with ups and downs, joys and sorrows.Lives like mine.Like yours. I'm doing the best I can, and … Continue reading What If…

Chasing Kevin Spacey: Anthony Rapp’s Case Begins Next Week

When Adam Vary wrote the Buzzfeed article about his friend's (Anthony Rapp) sex abuse allegations against Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey, he set off a string of dominoes that continue to fall almost five years later, even in my own life.

It's New Year's Eve. Would you do it all again if this year were restarting instead of starting new? Would I?

New Year’s Eve 2021—Would I Do It All Again?

It's New Year's Eve. A year ago today, I took action on something I'd been working on in the wings for several months—finally took action, if I'm being honest.  I'd labored over the idea of stepping into a storm I could easily have avoided for the remainder of my life. Some have argued that my … Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2021—Would I Do It All Again?